Smartwax - Think Pink Ultimate Softness Microfiber Towel

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The TH!NK P!INK is what we call a "BIGGUN"... Thick, hairy and pink weighing a supreme 880 GR / M2 and finished with a non-scratching silk banding, QUALITY!

This extreme thickness is based on the thickness of the fiber, the length of the loop, the amount of fibers per square inch...
The 70/30 manufactured blend of microfiber is great on buffing waxes, quick detailers etc... all scratch-free!

Why Get the Best:Highest Quality = Faster Absorbency+ Less Wasted Effort + Better Results in Less Time.
Because Sasquatch Microfiber is 100% machine washer friendly, lint free and fantastic it can be washed numerous times while still retaining its original softness and amazing absorbency.

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